About Me

Actually, I am not an Affiliate Marketer. Basically, I love to read books, love to travel around the world & my main passion is writing story, writing novels, writing playwright etc.

But I need money to buy books to read, I need money to travel, I need money to live. So I planned to work as a freelancer. But I was so much tired with myself, with my clients. So I was unable to read, travel & write.

So I was looking a passive income to read books, to travel & write regularly. That’s why I am here, as an affiliate marketer. Yes, now I am living as a happy man as I thought.

Who Inspired Me?
I like to mention some name who is the behind person to warm up me. My online life starts by Waliur Rahman by learning HTML. I mentioned Jinnat Ul Hasan, who loves me so much & taught me WordPress, SEO, Amazon Affiliate a b c d. Also, I like to mention Shamima Akter Bithy, Rifat Rashid Adnan, Asfaqur Rahman Riyad, Rifat Ahmed, Al-Amin Kabir, Md. Shahidul Islam Robin.

I am also want to proudly mentioning Pat Flynn, Spencer Haws, Tung Tran.

To be continued…