Niche Site A to Z: Keyword Research the Most Important Thing of a Niche Site [Part 02]

Hello, friends, this is second tutorial of Niche Site A to Z mega tutorial of $1k earning per month planning from Amazon Niche Site. I’ve written first tutorial (Niche Site A to Z: Introduction of Amazon Niche Site Planning [Part 01]) few days ago. If you didn’t read that yet, you must read now before start this one. Today I am going to write the most important part of this mega tutorial- Keyword Research for Amazon Niche Site. Read the article very carefully. Your success depends on this part.

How to find your perfect amazon niche keyword? This is really a critical phase and your eventual success hinges on selecting a niche.

Do not take this keyword selection step poorly, choose a keyword perfectly and you can start make money within just 30 days, but choose a keyword wrongly and you might never make any money without wasting your valuable time.

How to Find a Perfect Keyword?

Yes, the most important part is find a perfect keyword for your niche site. If you fail to choose your perfect keyword, you must be failed. So this part is very critical & sensitive. I will tell you some secrets to find out a perfect & valuable keyword for your niche site. If you follow my instructions, I hope you will be able to get your desire keyword for your niche site, easily & within a short time.

Brainstorming & Idea Generation

I think brainstorming is a common sense. So if you able to use your common sense, you must be able to find the right & perfect keyword for your Amazon niche site. So now the question is, how you will use your common sense to find out the perfect keyword for your amazon niche site?

Well, let me tell you something about this topics. THINK yourself… Suppose, you are going to buy something from online. You don’t know the best one of your product. So what will you do? You will search to Google, right? Now the point is, how you will search? I think you are going to buy a Coffee Maker for your home. So your search keyword may be like as below:

— Best Coffee Maker
— Cheap Coffee Maker
— Cheap Best Coffee Maker
— Coffee Maker for Home
— Best Coffee Maker for Home
— Cheap Coffee Maker for Home
— Coffee Maker Review
— Best Coffee Maker Review
— Top Rated Coffee Maker
— Family Coffee Maker– Best Family Coffee Maker… and so on

Now you can make a list by your own thinking for another product of Amazon. And try to understand your brain is working fine or not? If you able to use your brain perfectly you don’t need any Keyword Research Tool. Your brain is the perfect & high value machine for a keyword research & find out the best one.

The best tactics & secret is, always think about a product & that product related search keywords. If you do this work regularly your brain will work smoothly & perfectly within a few days. And this is really a fantastic way to find out a best keyword for a niche site.

Keyword Idea Resources

Another brainstorming is a find out the keyword resources. See below questions & answer, then you will get huge ideas from below questions. Check yourself:
— Do you watch TV?
— Do you play sports?
— What is your hobby?
— What is your passion?
— How you spend your leisure time?
— Which newspaper you read?
— Do you read books?
— What type of product you use?
— Do you have any pets?
— Do you have any favorite product?
— Which type of Gadgets you like?
— … and much more…

I think every question can be a resource center for your keyword find out resources. So each question is a BOMB to you to find a perfect keyword.

Keyword Idea from Amazon

Did you see all categories of Amazon? If not, visit amazon & see all over categories. You will find huge idea about keywords and that will be very helpful for you.

All Categories of Amazon

Figure – 01: All Categories of Amazon

Keyword Idea from Google

Just open your browser, write & hit the enter button. Write any word (eg: Coffee Maker) & see the bottom of the search page. You can see few keywords that are related of “Coffee Maker” as below photo:

Keyword Related Searchwords by Google

Figure – 02: Keyword Related Searches words by Google

Yes, if you use your creative thinking you can find more ideas on keyword. I confirmed you, the keyword part is very hard but if you want you can make it easy by using your own way. Keyword research as like as a Mathematics, so its easy or hard is vary on your practice & exercise regularly.

There are huge system, method, update, penguin, panda etc etc. But I believe & of course I know, the main thing is COMMON SENSE. So if you able to use your common sense properly you will be succeeded.

How to Find Out Perfect Keyword for a Niche Site?

I discussed about keyword idea generation. Now I will tell you something about on find out the perfect keyword for your Amazon Niche Site.

There are huge ways to find out a perfect keyword. But I will disclose only two ways to make the topic easy for you. Is that okay? My two methods are as below:

— Find Out Perfect Keyword by Free Method
— Find Out Perfect Keyword by Paid Method

Lots of free methods are available in your door. But I will show you only one method. And that is the best method, even than paid method. So if you able to catch it, you can find a best & perfect keyword for your amazon niche site. The free method I show you, name is Google Adwords.

And about the paid method, also there are lots of methods, lots of systems, lots of ways. But I will show you only one method to find out the best & perfect keyword. This method really very helpful to find out the best keyword. Personally I am using this method. The paid method I show you, name is Long Tail Pro. You can use Long Tail Pro Trial Version for 10 days.

Find Out Perfect Keyword by Google Adwords [Keyword Research Free Method]

The free method is Google Adwords. I will show you how to find out a keyword by using Google Adwords Tool. You may know, all paid Keyword Research tools use Google Adwords API for their keyword tools. So if you learn properly this Google Adwords tool, you can easily understand how can you find out the best keyword for your niche site. So read this part very carefully.

At first, you need to login your Gmail account to get access Google Adwords. If you have no Gmail account, create an account & login. After login to Gmail go here: & click the Tools Menu & than click to Keyword Planner menu. See the below screenshot:

Google Adwords Keyword Finder

Figure – 03: Google Keyword Planner Home Page

After click the Keyword Planner menu you will see the Google Keyword Planner page, where you can see 3 options as below:

— Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category
— Get search volume data and trends
— Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords

see the screenshot to understand clearly:

Google Adwords Keyword Research

Figure – 04: Search for New Keywords Using a Phrase, Website or Category

Click the “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” option to know more about keyword ideas. This option we will use to find out our keyword ideas & targeted keywords.

Now see the screenshot “Figure – 05”. There are few options, you need to understand properly. Fill up the forms as I’ve described in the screenshot. To know more see the screenshot & check out options I’ve written below:

Google Adwords Keyword Research

Figure – 05: Google Adwords Keyword Research

  1. Write any keyword or any word to get keyword ideas on that keyword or word. We use “Coffee Maker” to get ideas on this keyword. You can also use this keyword or another one. Better you use this one first time & another keywords later. That will be helpful for you & your brain will be able to do huge exercise.
  2. Targeting area is United States. Yes, our targeting country name is US or United States. Why United States? Because this country is in the first position to buying anything from online.
  3. We will select “English” language, because our most of the buyer is from English speaking areas.
  4. If you click this option to edit, you will see 2 options: 1. Google & 2. Google and search partners. We will select “Google” option.
  5. Date range is another important option. You can see last 1 month to 24 months search volume. This option will reveal us, how many searches a keyword in a month? So this is very important option to us to find a best keyword. Generally we select 12 months but 24 months selection is the best way.
  6. Ge Ideas is the button. When we click this button, this page will go to another page where we can see a statistics page of our desire keyword.

Now we will click the Get Ideas button to see the next page where we can see our keyword position & other statistics. See the below screenshot & read descriptions to know more:

Google Adwords Keyword Research

Figure – 06: Google Adwords Keyword Research

In this part you can see 3 options as below:

  1. Average monthly searches amount can see here. Hover the mouse pointer over the bar, you can see the monthly search volume. Each bar showing a single month search volume of a keyword phrase.
  2. Ad group ideas showing a group of a keyword phrase. You can see huge groups on a keyword phrase. And there is a group keywords in a single keyword phrase. See the first keyword group “Maker Best”. In this keyword phrase have 27 keywords. If you click the keyword phrase “Maker Best”, you can see each keyword search volume of 27 keywords of this ad group. And all keywords are related of “Coffee Maker” keyword. This is very interesting to find out a best keyword from here. You can learn about huge keywords & able to get huge keyword ideas by this system to using Google Adwords.
  3. This option showing Average Monthly Searches of an each ad group. Here the first ad group is “Best Maker”. This ad group’s average monthly searches is 44,960 from Google search engine. You can see each month’s search volume if your mouse pointer hover on the left side bar sign of this number.

Now click any of the ad group to see the all keywords of the keyword phrase “Coffee Maker”. We’ve clicked the “Best Maker” ad group. See the screenshot:

Google Adwords Keyword Research

Figure – 07: Google Adwords Keyword Research

In this screenshot, I marked 4 points. Here I am going to tell you something on these 4 points to you. See below:

  1. Add group name is “Maker Best”. This ad group is a part of “Coffee Maker” phrase. In this phrase has few keywords which is related of Coffee Maker phrase.
  2. Total ad group ideas indicate that- in this “Coffee Maker” phrase has 54 ad groups & now we are seeing 1 of the 54 ad group. This one’s ad group name is “Maker Best”, we clicked few seconds ago.
  3. Keywords are showing keyword list of “Coffee Maker” phrase. Did you remember the previous screenshot (Figure – 06), where we saw “Maker Best (27). I told, “(27)” means 27 keywords in the ad group. You can see here 27 keywords one below one: best coffee maker, best coffee makers, best home coffee maker, the best coffee maker… and so on.
  4. Search volume indicate that each keyword searches number. “best coffee maker” keyword searches 27,100 times in a single month. This is an average statistics. If you want to see a dedicated month search volume, just hover the mouse pointer on the left side bar sign of the average search volume number.

Yes, this is all about get keyword ideas & find out a keyword. You can use common sense also to get your desire keyword. Here are few ideas about a perfect keyword:

  1. “Best + [Keyword]” – Example: Best Coffee Maker
  2. “[Keyword] + Review” – Example: Coffee Maker Review
  3. “[Keyword] + Reviews” – Example: Coffee Maker Reviews
  4. “Top Rated + [Keyword]” – Example: Top Rated Coffee Maker
  5.  “[Keyword] + Under $100” – Example: Coffee Maker Under $100
  6. “[Keyword] + Under $200” – Example: Coffee Maker Under $200

Personally I like first 3 ways to select my keyword for my niche site. But if you want to broad your niche keyword, you can take another 3 ways. These also give you a variation for your niche site.

Find Out Perfect Keyword by Long Tail Pro [Keyword Research Paid Method]

Now I will show you how to find out a keyword by Long Tail Pro? This keyword tool not only find out a keyword, but also analyze and give you the decision to take this keyword for your niche site or not?

Keyword Research Tool Long Tail Pro

Figure – 08: Keyword Research Tool Long Tail Pro

I use this paid tool to select keywords for my niche site that give me profit by making money easily. So if you able to invest, I suggest you to buy this keyword tool. This is really awesome than other keyword tools.

Now let me show you how I use Long Tail Pro keyword tool to find out my desire keywords easily within a short time. This is very simple. If you want to know more about Long Tail Pro, can read here Long Tail Pro Review.

Step – 01: Visit Amazon all categories page from here: Amazon All Categories & select a category name which you like most. I think you choose Home, Garden & Tools category. There are 15 sub-category as below:

— Kitchen & Dining
— Furniture & Décor
— Bedding & Bath
— Appliances
— Patio, Lawn & Garden
— Fine Art
— Arts, Crafts & Sewing
— Pet Supplies
— Wedding Registry
— Home Improvement
— Power & Hand Tools
— Lamps & Light Fixtures
— Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
— Hardware
— Home Automation

Select anyone sub-category from this 15 categories. as an example, you may select Pet Supplies sub-category. Click the sub-category. Pet Supplies has 7 sub-sub-categories: 1. Dogs, 2. Cats, 3. Fish & Aquatics, 4. Small Animals, 5. Birds, 6. Reptiles, 7. Horses

Think which one is your best choice? As an example, I think your choice is Dogs. Hover the mouse pointer on Dogs, you will see six sub-categories of Dogs category: 1. Food, 2. Toys, 3. Collars & Leashes, 4. Beds & Furniture, 5. Treats, 6. Health Supplies.

Under the each sub-category of the Dogs category, you will see huge products. Your job is select the best one by your choice. I think you choose the Toys sub-category. So our seed-keyword will be “Dog Toys“. Now think how you find the exact keyword for this keyword? The perfect way is:

  • “Best + [Keyword]” – Example: Best Dog Toys
  • “[Keyword] + Review” – Example: Dog Toys Review
  • “[Keyword] + Reviews” – Example: Dog Toys Reviews
  • “Top Rated + [Keyword]” – Example: Top Rated Dog Toys

If you want, you can more spread your keyword. How? You can find out perfect keywords from a see-keyword (Dog Toys) by using Long Tail Pro’s “Find Keywords” option. Just open Long Tail Pro & click the Find Keywords button. Add your seed-keyword (Dog Toys), add include word (eg: best, review, reviews, top, cheap etc) and than click Generate Keywords & Fetch Data button. You have to wait few minutes to generate keywords & fetching data from search engines & Long Tail Pro’s custom algorithm.

Step – 02: You can use your common sense about Dog Toys seed-keyword & generate keywords from your own thinking by using the above method I described & short searching by using Google Search Engine. The common method I’ve described above is:

  1. “Best + [Keyword]” – Example: Best Dog Toys
  2. “[Keyword] + Review” – Example: Dog Toys Review
  3. “[Keyword] + Reviews” – Example: Dog Toys Reviews
  4. “Top Rated + [Keyword]” – Example: Top Rated Dog Toys
  5.  “[Keyword] + Under $100” – Example: Dog Doys Under $100
  6. “[Keyword] + Under $200” – Example: Dog Toys Under $200
  7. “Cheap + [Keyword]” – Example: Cheap Dog Toys
  8. “Unique + [Keyword]” – Example: Unique Dog Toys

And even more ideas you will find if you think yourself. This is my own way I use & like to find out keywords for my niche sites. So better you can use this method.

Above 8 keywords check by Long Tail Pro one by one. Then you can understand is the keyword okay or not? I will tell you how you understand a keyword perfect to the next tutorial: Niche Site Competition Analysis Strategy. So then you can understand your selected keyword is perfect or not?

Conclusion of Keyword Research
I hope you got the main point to find out a keyword from scratch. I’ve tried to write details that you can understand clearly. I will show you more about Long Tail Pro to the next article that you can understand easily your selected keyword is a niche keyword or not? Also I will show you some secrets that you can understand your selected keyword is able to rank in Google or not?

I suggest you to read this article minimum three times to understand properly. Also you must do practice as I’ve described. Do practice until satisfied about yourself. I suggest you to practice 10 days & each day minimum 4 hours. That will fit you perfectly to find out a best keyword for you niche site.

No more today. Best luck of you! 🙂

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