Niche Site A to Z: Introduction of Amazon Niche Site Planning [Part 01]

Welcome to my Niche Site A to Z startup. Azon Star produce this startup for you, if you are a newbie affiliate marketer & dedicated to earn $300-$500 per month guaranteed or even more $1k. Also if you are in confusing about you, & don’t know how to start an Amazon niche site, you are welcome too.

Amazon Niche Site Planning

I will show you how to start a Niche Site from scratch to earning position by 12 lessons. I’ve  described the startup, if you want to see the full plan go here: Start Here 101. It will take 3 months or 90 days of you. So you must be dedicated to this work & to be patient.

And if you get any query, just ask me below. I will give you answer as soon as possible. No need to contact personally. If you ask below, I will reply you & that much more helpful for you & others.

So Now Are You Ready?


Well, lets describe our GOAL: Our goal is, create an Amazon Niche site, that earn $300-$500 or even $1k per month. Is that okay?

Yes, you can if you try. I will show you my hidden tips about how I work for my Niche Site to rank in Google. So better, if you follow the startup. I guaranteed, if anyone follow 12 steps one by one, must be reached their goal.

Our Plan Summary


Part # 01: Amazon Niche Site Planning

This part will guide you how to start & run your niche website in perfect way from scratch. For your information this article is showing you the Amazon Niche Site Planning. I’ve written above the 12 part of this full tutorial. So this is the first part.

Part # 02: Keyword Research: The Most Important Thing of a Niche Site

95% affiliate marketer do wrong & 100% marketer have failed in this section. Remember, if you unable to choose the right keyword, you will never rank your niche site, even if you invest more & more. Your result will be ZERO if you chose wrong keyword. So it’s really very important to choose a right keyword for your niche site.

I will show you how to choose a best keyword for your niche site that you can rank easily within a short time. I will you show you both way of free & paid method. So you can choose whatever you like & love.


Part # 03: Niche Site Competition Analysis Strategy

If you unable to analysis of your competitor your will not able to go in the first position of Google. So this is very important to analysis your niche site competition.

In this section, you can learn how to analysis your niche site competition & how to keep your niche site position first in Google within a time frame. I will give you a list that will help you to do the work easily.


Part # 04: Buy Perfect Domain & Best Hosting for Your Niche Site

What is the perfect between Exact Match Domain (EMD) & Partial Match Domain (PMD) for a niche site? And how you buy best hosting for your amazon niche site? You don’t know, right? Well, don’t worry. I will give you the best guideline for you to this part.


Part # 05: Design Your Niche Site within Short Time in Perfect Way

As I am a WordPress developer, I can teach you to design your niche site quickly & attractively. Yes, you can learn here how you design your niche site by using WordPress without coding knowledge.

Part # 06: Write or Manage Content for A Niche Site

The powerful SEO (specially On-Page SEO) is content of your website. You can learn here how you able to write content/article in right way for your niche site. Also I’ve a secret will you teach you, how you will manage 100% free unique content for your niche site.


Part # 07: How to Apply for Amazon Associates Program in Perfect Way?

If you have an amazon affiliate associates account, that much better. But if you have no, I will say you in this section, what is the perfect way to apply for an Amazon Associates Program? What is the tax information, what is the other settings, what is the tracking ID & other setup?


Part # 08: Introduce to Google About Your Niche Site?

Our main target is to rank our niche website in Google. Yes, only Google is countable to us for our niche site. So we must be introduced to Google how Mr Google will give value to our niche site. Yes, this part is really secret part. And if you want to build a niche site & want to rank it to get sell, you must give some secret information to Google how He will count you as a valuable niche site?

Working with Perfectly for Amazon Niche Site


Part # 09: Build High Value Links for Your Niche Site

There are lots of Off-Page SEO you will need to rank your niche site. And the most effective Off-Page SEO is building high value back link for your money site by correct way. So which links are high value back links actually? I will show you in this part about this secret & how you manage high value link for your money site for free?


Part # 10: Do You Need PBN for Your Niche Site?

PBN means Private Blog Network. Most of the Star Affiliate Marketers are using PBN for their website to rank it quickly. But some of affiliate marketers are saying NO NEED PBN for niche site. Google hates PBN. If Google find any link in a PBN of your money site, they will give you a Kick. So actually which is the best way to use PBN or not?


Well, let me introduce here about both methods. And I will say you my secrets about PBN. So don’t worry. Just wait for this part!

Part # 11: Start Earning From Your Niche Site

Yes, everything setup is fine now. So whats now Mr Affiliate Marketer? Now is the moment to get your time & work value return as a money. In this part, I will show you how you will increase your Amazon sell amount, that means you will learn to increase your converts ratio.


Part # 12: Stay at Passive Income or Sell Your Niche Site

I will show you here, how you able to income passively. Or if you want you can sell your website by Empire Flippers or Flippa. Personally I like Empire Flippers. If you want to sell your money site by Empire Flippers, its possible to sell your site by 20x to 25x or more of your earning. Suppose, if you earn $1000 per month from your niche site, you can sell the niche site up to $20,000 to $25000 or more. Isn’t it good?

In this part I will show you how its possible? Or if you want you can earn money by your niche site passively to maintain few tips without any working. Is sounds good?


Whats Now?

Nothing. Just wait for the next tutorial. I will publish the next article soon. In this time, before publish the next tutorial, you can read this article properly & visit mentioned above links. Hope that will help you more clearly to understand about Affiliate Niche Site.

If you have anymore question, you are most welcome, ask me. I am ready to answer your query. Best luck of you, always!

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