Niche Site A to Z: Buy Perfect Domain & Best Hosting for Your Niche Site [Part 04]

Yes, another most important part of a niche site building is Domain & Hosting selection. I will write details in this article how you will buy perfect domain & best hosting for your niche site easily & cheap price. Hope it will very helpful for you.

Also I will give you a coupon code that you can buy a domain by 99 cents ($0.99), even you may get a domain for free. Is sounds good? Well, let me try to show you more better something for you.

How to Select a Best Domain?

Do you know about EMD & PMD? No? Don’t worry. EMD stands for Exact Match Domain & PMD stands for Partial Match Domain. But now the question is: What means by EMD (Exact Match Domain) & PMD (Partial Match Domain)?

EMD (Exact Match Domain): When a domain name is as like as your keyword, that is EMD or Exact Match Domain. Suppose, if your keyword is Best Coffee Maker & your domain name is, that is EMD. So now we can understand, if a keyword is a domain name, that is EMD.

PMD (Partial Match Domain): When a domain is not as like as your keyword, that is PMD or Partial Match Domain. Suppose, if your keyword is Best Coffee Maker  & your domain is or etc, that is PMD. That means, when your domain name is partially match with your keyword, that is PMD.

So now, I think you are clear about EMD & PMD, right?

What is the Perfect Domain Between EMD & PMD?

Of course PMD. Because of Google. Now a days, Google just hate the Exact Match Domain – EMD. So all of niche site experts are saying to use Partial Match Domain for niche site. So we also use PMD, not EMD, as it is the best domain for our niche site. Is that okay? Personally I like EMD but its expired for our work. So better we will avoid EMD.

Best Hosting Service

Never try to use bad hosting to save money. Its very important part. If you use unreliable hosting for your site, your keyword will delay to rank. But you can use a cheap hosting from a reputed hosting company. Personally I like bluehost. But at the starting point don’t try to with bluehost, because its very costly. Another good hosting provider is Godaddy. Personally I don’t like Godaddy overall. But I love Godaddy only for one reason: I can purchase there WordPress hosting in very cheap price for the first year. Also they offer a Free Domain with their hosting. I will give you a coupon code that help you to purchase a hosting by only for $1 per month from Godaddy with a Free Domain. Is sounds good? Well, lets try to do that.

Before buy hosting for your niche site, check its:

— SSD hosting
— WordPress friendly
— Up time guarantee minimum 99%
— Money back guarantee
— Previous reputation of the provider is good
— Price & hosting quality is enough

etc. If you satisfied with all above question answers, you can buy hosting from their.


Godaddy Coupon Code for Free Domain

Yes, here is a coupon code for Free Domain from Godaddy. You can get a domain from Godaddy for free of cost. Just click anyone below button & share, you will see a coupon code:

Buy Perfect Domain & Best Hosting

Here I will write you to get a perfect domain free with a best hosting from Godaddy. To buy this hosting & get the free domain, you need an international MasterCard or a Visa Card. Do you have anyone? If not, you can get a Free Payoneer MasterCard easily by following this guideline: How to Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard?

I think you have an international MasterCard or a Visa Card. So lets start our work to buy a best hosting with a free perfect domain:

Step # 01: At first go to Godaddy by click in here: Write your domain name & click the “Search Domain” button. See the screenshot below:


Step # 02: If your domain is available you will get a message “Yes! Your Domain is Available. Buy It Before Someone else does“. That means you can buy the domain. Click the “Continue To Cart” button. And click the next page “Continue to Cart” button also.


Step # 03: See the below screenshot- I’ve marked two points. Where term is “5 Years”, click there & select “1 Year”, so it will show you $12.99 + $.18 = $13.17. But it will be full free when you will order a hosting & use the coupon code I’ve added above. So next step I will show you how you can order a hosting from Godaddy.


Step # 04: Now we will add hosting in our cart to order. See the below screenshot- click “Hosting” from the Godaddy menu & then click the “WordPress Hosting – On Sale” button.


Step # 05: Godaddy has 4 plans of WordPress Hosting- Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate & Developer. But we will buy Basic plan. See the package- its has 10 GB SSD hosting, 25,000 visitors per month, 1 Free Domain. This is very enough for our niche site. Personally I like this package for my single niche site. So now click the “Configure” button for the next step.

Godaddy Hosting Buy by Coupon

Step # 06: Select 12 months option. Because we are buying hosting for 1 year. Also Godaddy offer this coupon only for first year. After select 12 months option, scroll down & click the “Continue” button for the next step.


Step # 07: This is the page to add a domain. But we already added a domain to our cart list. So now we will click the “Checkout Now” button for the next step.

Godaddy Free Domain with WordPress Hosting

Step # 08: Now see our domain price is showing $0.00 per year instead of $13.17. Is sounds good? But now Hosting price showing  $59.88 per year. But I said, will buy hosting $12 per year. That’s why I will use a coupon code that price will be decreased $12 per year instead of $59.88 per year. To use the coupon code click the “+Add” button I’ve marked the below screenshot.

Godaddy Free Domain

Step # 09: Did you get your coupon code from above share link? That coupon code paste here in under the “Have a promotional code?” box. And then click “Apply” button. You will see the price decreased $12 per year instead of $59.88. Now your total price is $12.18 per year including domain taxes & fees $0.18. See the next step.

Free Godaddy Domain

Step # 10: After applied the coupon code the next page is like below screenshot. Now click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. You will redirect to login or register page for the Godaddy. If you are an existing customer of Godaddy, just login to continue and if you are a new customer in Godaddy, you need to Create an Account in Godaddy to continue.

Godaddy Domain Hosting Order System

Step # 11: Here are two options. If you are an existing customer just login and if you are a new customer, create an account by clicking “Continue” button. I think you are a new customer. So create the account & login. Go to the next step.

Godaddy Create Account

Step # 12: After login Godaddy you will redirect to checkout page as below screenshot. Here are several payment gateway available to pay the Godaddy bill. But if you use coupon code you must use Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card, otherwise you will not be eligible for the coupon code price.

If you already have added a Card with your account you will see the first option: “Preferred Payment Method” and if you not yet have added any card, select the “Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card” option & give your Card’s information & click the “Place Your Order”. Tick mark the “I agree to following” box before click the ” “Place Your Order” button. Now you will redirect a thank you page where you will see a summary of your order. Go to the next page.

Godaddy Domain Hosting Checkout

Step # 13: In this step will setup WordPress to our purchased domain & hosting. So our domain & hosting will be a live website. See below screenshot & click the “Managed WordPress” button. You will redirect a new page. So lets go to the next step.

WordPress Setup in Godaddy WordPress Hosting

Step # 14: See the below screenshot. Click the “Set Up” button to install & setup WordPress to your site.

WordPress setup in Godaddy

Step # 15: See the below screenshot. Click the “Create a New WordPress site”. So you will redirect to a new page.

Install WordPress in Godaddy Hosting

Step # 16: See the below screenshot. Fill up the form perfectly as they said. Then click the “Finish” button for the next step. It will take 2-20 minutes or fewer more. Just wait for the next step. Everything will be set up automatically. No need to do any extra work. Just wait!

WordPress setup in Godaddy Hosting

Step # 17: Yes, you have done! Now your website is ready & setup properly. Now its live! You can start design/customize your website. When setup is done, you will see as below screenshot:

WordPress Setup in Godaddy Finish

Bottom Line

Yes, I’ve done the tutorial for you. Hope it will help you to go ahead one more step for your niche site building. Next tutorial about “Design Your Niche Site within Short Time in Perfect Way”.

If you don’t understand any part in this tutorial, just ask me in the comment area. I love to read comments & reply. Thanks.

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