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Niche Site A to Z: Niche Site Competition Analysis Strategy [Part 03]

The most of amazon niche site expert are saying competition analysis is an art that really make you fun if you are able to understand the main point of view of Search Engine Google (The Big G). Yes, our target Search Engine is Google, we will do work only for Google. So when I say here something about Search Engine, this is Google. Okay?

The algorithm of Google updated very often. So if you want to analyze keyword competition properly you must be up to dated with Google. To be an up to dated guy for Google you need to some blogs regularly like Google Webmaster Blog, Google Inside Search, Moz Blog, Matt Cutts Blog & few more. Actually their lots of blog in the online world but if you try all of them, you will lost your aim. So try with little step & that is my way.

Anyway, now I will say something about niche site competition analysis that help you to rank your niche site easily. But first answer this question: Do you know why you want to do competition analysis? If yes, that’s fine. But if no, here is the answer we will analyze our competitor to pick them & go over there, that help me to go up them to rank my niche site easily. Now, compare it with your answer, so you will get an idea about your work.


What is Competition Analysis?

Competition analysis is a way that we can understand the position of our competitor. So we can pick them easily to go up from our competitor. Suppose, our main keyword is “Best Coffee Maker”. If you search in google by this keyword, we will get 10 websites in a page of Google search result & there are thousands of websites we will get. But we will take only first page’s 10 website links to understand our competitor is hard or light. If we get it light, we can start work by our keyword otherwise will go for another one. Is that clear?


How We Decide Our Competitor is Hard or Light?

To understand that, we will check few metrics that we can understand our keyword’s position. Here I will write that all metrics & then I will discuss about them.

  1. Keyword in Title
  2. Number of Backlinks
  3. Page Authority (PA)
  4. Domain Authority (DA)
  5. Trust Flow (TF)
  6. Citation Flow (CF)
  7. Meta Description etc.
  8. Site Age

May be you are not an expert above metrics. For your kind information, there are lots metrics need to check if you want to properly the competition analyze. But no need if you do properly check above mentioned metrics. So let’s go we try to understand about above metrics properly.


Keyword Analysis Sheet
Here I’ve added an excel sheet that will help you to understand your keyword is okay or not? Download this sheet and write your keyword first in the sheet & start searching. After searching fill out the sheet as I am saying in below.


Your Selected Keyword in Title

Keywords in Title
Open a new tab in your browser & type, hit the enter button! Remember, I said about, not or others. Clear? After opening the write “Best Coffee Maker” & hit enter. See 10 links in first page of the Google. You are seeing titles, meta descriptions & links, right? At first see the 10 results title. Do you see the keyword “Best Coffee Maker” in titles? If you see the exact keyword in all of 10 links, that is bad.


Number of Backlinks

The second step is backlinks. I think you have good knowledge about backlink because this is one of the important big factor of a website. Backlink means, a website link is linked in another website, blog, forum or similar one place. Why backlink is very important thing? Because Google count it to give that website a position in his world! But how you find out a website’s backlink? There are huge tools available to find out backlink of a website. Now I will show you a tools that you can check a website Number of backlinks, Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA). That is Opensite Explorer, will help you to find out website few metrics. Click the link. When it will open, write any website to see that website’s backlinks, Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA).


What is Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA)?

Page authority is a metrics by, which indicate a website value. As well as you can also check few more metrics by Moz. Just go above Moz link & check yourself. Also you can use MozBar as an extention for FireFox & Chrome browser.


Trus Flow (TF) & Citation Flow (CF)
Both metrics are Majestic SEO‘s metrics. These factors are not mandatory for a niche site but if you check it for your analysis, your work will be easy. So I personally use both metrics when I list my analysis metrics in my sheet. I’ve added both metrics in my excel sheet, which you can download from above.


More Metrics

There are more two metrics Meta Description & Site Age when I analyze a keyword. So better, if you do that. Meta description is a 160 words description of an article which is showing in search engine search result page. Most of people read this short description. Also Google bot read & make decision this article is good or not.

And site age is one more metrics. Google give value an aged site. Also a website’s Page Authority, Domain Authority, Trust Flow & Citation Flow depends on site age. So never ignore this metrics. But remember, its not a mandatory metrics.


Keyword Analysis by Long Tail Pro

I’ve told you Long Tail Pro in the Keyword Research part of that tutorial. Now, in this section I will tell you few more about about this tool which will help you to understand about Long Tail Pro.

You know, this LTP is a paid tool. Personally I use this tool to find out keyword & analysis that keyword for my niche website. This is really an awesome tool that help me to do keyword analysis work easily. See the below screenshot:

Long Tail Pro Keyword Analysis System
*Click on the image to see the large image


I’ve red marked few things. Here I will tell you details everything about this LTP tool:

Keywords – Best Coffee Maker: I wrote this keyword under “Find Keywords” button search box & click “Add” then I am seeing all analysis of this keyword.

Local Searches – 27,100: United States is my destination local country. So this 27,100 monthly search volume is for United States. That means, 27,100 is a monthly search volume of “Best Coffee Maker” keyword. Is that clear?

Average Keyword Competitiveness – 45: This is the best metrics of Long Tail Pro. You will not see the metrics in 10 days free trial of LTP. What means to this metrics? See the below screenshot, you will get the answer:

Long Tail Pro Keyword Competitiveness Meaning


If you find an under 30, that keyword is really good & you can rank that keyword easily. Personally I like under 35 KC keywords.

If you use LTP for your keyword select & keyword competitor analysis, you can do it easily within a short time. So better, if you choose it for you as like as me.


Bottom Line…

I’ve told you everything I know about keyword competitor analysis. Hope you can get everything easy as before. If you face any problem just ask me below. I will give your answer, must!

Best of luck!


How I Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

how to learn affiliate marketing

My amazon affiliate learning start from mid of the 2009 by an SEO mentor Jinnat Ul Hasan. I am willing to mention him as a mentor of my lazy & tired life. He turns into a happy life by inspiring me.

And still now, I am learning Amazon Affiliate Marketing from around the world. In this writing I will show you about my learning style of Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Hope that will help you to get a good guideline of Affiliate Marketing.

Here I will write few notes that you can understand how I learn Affiliate Marketing & from whom?

Niche Pursuits
Spencer Haws one of the Legend as an Amazon Affiliate marketer, the owner of the Niche Pursuits authority website. I am reading his website regularly. If you want to learn niche site creation formula from sketch, you can follow Niche Pursuits website.

Spencer’s best gain is Long Tail Pro tools. This is just amazing for an affiliate marketer. If you don’t know which niche is perfect for you, also if you feel Google Adwords is complex for you, you can just use Long Tail Pro Platinum version tools. This tools help you to understand a keyword is good or not.

For your kind information- I’ve failed of my first 3 niche site project, due to choose a wrong keyword selection. All marketers are saying, if you failed to select a good & perfect keyword, you must be failing. That’s no matter how much you will investor what the marketing strategy of you. If you able to select a good & perfect keyword, your niche site work will be done 90%. And that is really true. I know it’s true because I am a sufferer. And that’s why I love Long Tail Pro Platinum version.

Smart Passive Income
If you are a newbie in Affiliate Marketing side, you can visit Smart Passive Income website to get inspired. Pat Flynn, the owner of the Smart Passive Income, publish his earning report regularly. The last month earning is $120,217.75 of Pat Flynn. This is really awesome! Isn’t it? I am getting inspired from Pat Flynn day by day. I hope, I must be able to reach a six figure income one day. I am waiting for that day.

Now my monthly income is only a 4 figure amount. But I am increasing my earning day by day, and that is really I am enjoying.

Pat Flynn’s best side is his earning report. That is really cool & inspiring me always to reach a six figure earning per month. So I think, it’s better if you follow the Smart Passive Income blog.

Cloud Living
One of my other favorite authority blog I read regularly. Also, I got some personal help from Tung Tran, the owner of the Cloud Living website.

Tung is really an awesome guy, that’s not only as a helping person, his writing is very helpful for a newbie Amazon Marketer. If you don’t know how you start your affiliate career, you can start reading Tung’s blog Cloud Living. This blog must help you to understand basic knowledge of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Empire Flippers
Another inspiring website. It’s actually a marketplace to buy & sell website. Do you know how? If you have an earning website, such as if you earn $500 by one of your website, you can sell this website by 20x to 25x price. So your $500 monthly earning site can be sold by $10k to $12.5k by Empire Flippers.

I personally know many Marketers who have been sold there website $50k to $100k by Empire Flippers. Isn’t that much cool? I didn’t sell any of my websites by Empire Flippers. But I hope, I can do it soon.

to be continue…