Niche Site A to Z: Write or Manage Content for A Niche Site [Part 06]

Most of niches site experts are saying- Content is King. Personally, I also believe the line. Why? I am going to explain it to you. Hope this article will help you to write or manage perfect content for your niche site.

niche site article design

Remember, niche content is important for two reasons are here:

1. To convert your readers into sell mode that, they will feel the interest to buy something after reading the content &

2. Give information to the that Google understands what about the niche site.

NB: Content means: Articles, Images, Videos, Infographic etc. Here we will discuss mainly article.

What Type of Article You Need?

This question is critical to understand absolutely. What kind of content will you publish to your niche site? Well, here I will give you an estimated idea & specific guideline for you.

Basically, two types article you need with few pages as below instructions:

  • Review Article
  • Informative Article
  • Pages

Before publish your content, remember carefully:

  • Your content must be unique & easy English
  • Your content must be catchy, do not write huge features that people feel boaring & they will leave without reading your article
  • Your content must be informative that people understand easily its a valuable article

How Many Article You Need?

There is no limit or no appropriate guideline. There is huge guideline of Amazon Niche site experts. Here, I will discuss about my own experience. But its depend on your competitor. If your Keyword average KC is 30, you can rank a niche site in Google as below articles & pages:

  • Home Page: A minimum 2000 words Main Article buying guide featuring 5 products (comparison chart optional)
  • 5 Product Reviews & each is 1200 words
  • 5 Informative Articles & each is 800-1500 words
  • Review Page
  • 3-5 Categories
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page
  • FAQ Page
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclouser Page

That’s all. So overall 12000 to 15000 words is enough for an average competitor niche.

How to Design Your Article?

This is very important that, if you don’t design your article perfectly your will lost readers & also Google bot. So always, design an article step by step that people feel better to read an article & Google bot can find keyword easily. So that will be very helpful for our niche site.

And now the question is: What is the perfect way to design an article? Well, here is the step I am following since 2014 & its works for me. And hope you will be benefitted from this guideline. So let me explain how I work with my niche site?

1. I publish a 2000 words article in home page with 5 best product review summary. And link up with main review & like below screenshot:

Read the Full Review Screenshot

Want to See My Niche Site Article Design?

How I design my niche site article? How many sub-title I use? What are these? I’ve described everything here. Just share & see my secrets:

3. I publish minimum 5 Informative Articles with maximum information of my selected products & related tools

4. I publish relevant pages as I’ve described above.

And that’s all. I use white background & colorful sub-title, gray/black color text for my niche site article design.

Do you have more idea or design ability? You can do it. But don’t do huge, so that will be fussy.

How to Manage Article?

There are two ways to manage your article:

1. You can write yourself and
2. You can outsource article

Personally, I outsource article for my niche sites. Why? Because its help me to do others job properly. Here I will write you both ways then you can understand what is the best way for you.

Write Article Yourself

If you are a newbie & have no available fund to outsource article, you can write articles yourself. This is the best way for a starting of a niche site. To write an article, at first, search in Google to see the example. Here is a best niche site: See how they design their article. You can see your competitor sites. So you can understand easily what you need to do. If you need more clarification, I can help you. Just make a comment below, I will reply you as soon as possible with more details.

Outsource Article for Niche Site

There are huge ways to outsource article for your niche site. I personally use iwriter. Because I can get article in my budget price. Very cheap but reliable.

iwriter review

iWriter starting price is only $1.25 per article. For any 500 words unique article only $3 with unlimited revision. Also, you can reject an article without any hesitation if you don’t like the article. For a rejection, you will not be charged anything.

You can also outsource your article from, & other relevant marketplaces. The cheap marketplace is

Check Your Written Article

Before publish your articles, check it properly that it is an unique article & has no grammatical error. You need a plagiarism checker to check your article is unique or not. Use Web Info Tools, that is recommended & free tools.

And use Grammarly, that will help you to find out & solve the grammatical error of your writing. Just go the website & Sign Up Grammarly for Free, then you can check your article’s grammatical error. Grammarly will also suggest you how you can fixed errors.

I personally use Grammarly Premium as I am not so good in English. This tools help me to publish grammar error free article for my niche site.


Uses of H-Tag & Keyword

Another most important thing is uses of H-tag & Keyword position. If you able to use it properly, Google will catch your site in index list very quickly. Here is my best way list:

1. I use /%postname%/ permalink & use the keyword phrase as the permalink. You can do it for the best result

2. I use the keyword in Title, in the first 150 words of the article/review. You can also do it.

3. I use the keyword in the article only 0.50% to 1%. Not more than. You can also follow it.

4. Use sub-title in H2 tag

5. Also use H1 to H6 tags in your article. That is really magic. Will get benefit very quickly.

Vardict Line

Yes, that is all for now. I will update the article time to time if needed. Don’t forget to write your opinion if you face any problem.

Thank you so much for the being me.


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